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I believe that painting a portrait is about more than capturing a likeness. I strive with each portrait to capture the mood and emotion conveyed by the subject's expression and pose. A well-composed scene and the use of elements like surface, colour, texture and painterly brush strokes maintain the energy and liveliness of a piece. A portrait is a work of art that will be admired and enjoyed every day.

The process of commissioning a portrait can be exciting and fun. Having input on how you'd like to capture the likeness of a loved one, in what setting, can be a very enjoyable and memorable experience. A portrait makes a very special and personal birthday, anniversary, wedding or other important milestone gift that can be cherished for generations to come.

Prices for commissioned portraits vary based on consideration of subject, location, (indoors or outdoors, amount of detail in background) dress (formal or informal) and size of painting (head and shoulders, ¾ figure or full figure).

The process
Simply contact me at for a free quote with the following information:

Montreal area:
When possible, I like to take my own photographs of people. 
Please send information on desired size, number of subjects, amount of detail, etc. I will give you a quote based on these details. If you decide to commission the portrait, a payment of 25% of the commission price is required at the time of the photo session, which takes approximately one hour. This payment is non-refundable in order to compensate for my time and the progression of the portrait. The remaining balance is paid upon completion of the portrait, at which time I will email a photo of the completed painting to you. When you approve your work of art, pick-up can be arranged.

Outside Montreal area: (Portraits from photos)
Photos can be sent to me via email. Please send along any high resolution photos of your loved one (preferably between 1-3) that you'd like to have used as references as well as desired size, amount of detail, etc. I will give you a quote based on these details. If you decide to commission the portrait, a deposit of 50% of my quoted fee will secure the contract. Upon completion, I will email a photo of the painting to you. When you approve your work of art, if pick-up can not be arranged, I will package the piece and have it priced for shipping (insured) to your destination. When you submit the balance of payment (including the cost of the shipping method you choose), I will ship the original painting to you.

Payments may be made in cash, by money order or by certified cheque.

General pricing guideline (in Canadian Dollars):
For portraits with obscure backgrounds. If a more detailed background is desired, there will be an extra charge, to be discussed at initial consultation.
Oil portrait paintings - full colour, single subject, unframed.

  8 x 10        $600
11 x 14        $780
16 x 20        $980
20 x 24        $1265
24 x 30        $1650
24 x 36        $2025
30 x 40        $2530

For a second person or pet in the painting, add 80%. For each additional person,
add 75%.

The time frame for completion will be discussed once a commission is requested and is based on the number of commissions currently in progress, the nature of the portrait and delivery time, if applicable.

All paintings are done on
100% cotton canvas mounted on 1.5 inch support frame, in high quality Windsor & Newton oil paint to ensure permanence. Sides of painting are nicely painted (black) so you may choose to hang unframed if desired. I would be happy to consult on choice of framing for your work of art.

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